St. Joseph School offers a challenging curriculum and is devoted to centers, small group learning and technology in every class. We support self-regulated learners and use assessments to track student growth over time. We use data to inform our instruction and the learning paths of our students.

We are committed to offering a curriculum that will support a student entering geometry in the 9th grade and one that provides the student with the practice and skill necessary to write an informative essay that would allow him/her to enter honors English. Our fidelity to Superkids reading program in TK-1 has resulted in a majority of our students reading by the end of Kindergarten and a class average in the first grade better than 75% of the nation as measure by STAR Reading at the conclusion of the 16-17 school year. Also, our testing showed class averages better than 64% of the nation in grades 1-5 at the conclusion of the 16-17 school year.

St. Joseph School leverages technology to meet the individual needs of students through online programs like ST Math, Scootpad, Discovery Education and an online library.

Our academic success comes from the professionalism of our teachers, our inherit belief that parents are our partners in the education of their children, our commitment to centers and the use of data to inform our instruction.