Our Results

We pride ourselves on providing a rigorous curriculum to ensure our students receive the best education.  Teachers use various academic tools, various teaching methods, and the most up-to-date technology to ensure a well-rounded academic experience for every type of learner.
As a result, our students show substantial growth and have proven academic success in high school.

Learning Support

Supporting All Learners
In an effort to support all students, especially those with learning differences including Dyslexia, our teachers in grades K-2 and 5 are trained in Orton-Gillingham methodologies and strategies to be used on a daily basis. By combining multi-sensory teaching strategies with systematic, sequential lessons focused on phonics, students of all abilities are able to become effective readers, writers, and spellers.  

Our Resource/Catapult Teacher has also been trained in the Orton-Gillingham methodologies and strategies, as well as the Wilson Reading System.  This intensive intervention program for grades K-8 helps struggling readers build life-long literacy skills to support them in college and beyond.  This comprehensive program uses research-based materials and strategies to develop and strengthen reading, spelling, and handwriting skills.

Our Math Program continues to flourish. Students engage with math concepts individually through ST Math and Freckle and in small groups and whole class through teacher attention to standards and individual student growth.

LMU iDeal Blended Learning

Through Loyola Marymount’s iDEAL Institute, St. Joseph School is currently working through the Blended Learning Academy. 

What is Blended Learning? 

Blended Learning is the “blending” of sound instructional practices with technology.  Focused on the personal learning of each student, students gain control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of their learning.  It is not simply adding technology to the classroom that transforms a student’s learning.  It is the use of intentional and effective teaching strategies and best practices that allow for customized, mastery-based learning. 

What is The iDEAL Institute? 
Loyola Marymount University’s iDEAL Institute provides professional learning in teaching and leadership
through the integration of technology for the benefit of all students. The Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership (iDEAL) Institute seeks to advance learning by fostering forward-thinking in transformative and sustainable educational practice.

By partnering with teachers, leaders, education stakeholders and programs within the School of Education, the iDEAL Institute works to solve complex problems of practice through professional learning, meaningful and strategic application of technology, sound and modern pedagogical practice, and creation of shared leadership models for the benefit of all students. The iDEAL Institute actively learns from all partners and stakeholders to co-create solutions that respond to their individual needs

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