Our Music Program is part of our committment to nuturing the whole child.

Recorders- 4th grade

The Recorder is an important instrument and it is the first step in preparing our students for beginning band.  Teaching the Recorder helps with students with coordination, prepares them for more advanced wind instruments, and is easy to transport from school to home for practice. The Recorder also helps establishes the grit and dedication necessary for beginning band.

Beginning Band – 5th grade

Students explore various band instruments such as the flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, tuba and percussions. Students are free to try as many instruments as they like. This important year helps our students pick the instrument they want to play in our Advance Band.

Band 6th-8th grade

Students are placed in either our regular or advanced band. Band gives our students the opportunity to show their creativity and express their feelings. Music is good for our spirit, our mental health and our bodies. Band is just one more program that helps St. Joseph’s students grow.

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